What We Do

Our work is centered on relationships and a deep commitment to racial and social equity. We work with organizations and communities to develop approaches to improving equitable outcomes at the individual, programmatic, and institutional levels.

We offer equity-centered services including strategy consulting, equity training curriculum, coaching, communications, and practitioner research. 

We work in collaborative partnerships that center authenticity, kindness, humor and presence. We work to center the power, creativity, dignity and voice of communities of color.



What we mean by ‘equity’:

In an equitable society:

People have the power to influence the systems that impact their lives; past inequities are acknowledged and addressed; and one’s access to resources, safety, infrastructure and a healthy environment are not disproportionately influenced by their race, indigeneity, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, immigration status, or ability status. Equitable systems benefit everyone. *

*Definition adapted from Center for Social Inclusion

Equity entails directing resources and energy to groups that have been socially or economically marginalized, in a manner that shifts power away from traditional power structures and towards these communities.



Who we work with

We work with organizations, groups, and leaders that are called to deepen their equity impacts and lean in to use their resources and gifts to better support racial and social equity within their own organizations and communities.  This includes nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, government agencies, businesses, and communities.

We strive to offer strategies that counteract historic and systemic forms of inequities for communities of color and other communities that have been marginalized including bias, discrimination, disinvestment, erasure, and exclusion. We work with people and organizations that are motivated to make a systemic impact.



Equity strategy

Developing strategies for equitable practices and impacts


Equity in Practice

collaborative capacity-building for more equitable practices and culture

Research & storytelling

Building and sharing knowledge about equity  


I encourage everyone to understand the history, recognize the problems of the present, and take action to show the world that the staus quo is not acceptable.
— Bree Newsome