What We Do

Through equity-centered strategy consulting, project implementation, and research, we shine light on racial justice issues and environmental problem-solving.  We collaborate with organizations and communities to develop innovative solutions that shift power towards communities facing social and environmental injustice.  



What we mean by ‘equity’:

Equity entails directing resources and energy to groups that have been socially or economically marginalized, in a manner that shifts power away from traditional power structures and towards these communities.



Who we work with

We work with nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, government agencies, businesses, and communities that are seeking to broaden and deepen their impacts as they relate to race, equity, and the environment.

Our special interests include: racial, environmental, and climate justice, community engagement, climate adaptation, urban conservation, urban resilience, disaster management, decolonization, and  intersectional social movements.



Equity strategy

Developing strategies for equitable practices and impacts


Equity in Practice

collaborative, project-based contracting and implementation services


Research & storytelling

Building and sharing knowledge about equity  


I encourage everyone to understand the history, recognize the problems of the present, and take action to show the world that the staus quo is not acceptable.
— Bree Newsome